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Education & Resources

Braces 101

Life with Braces - Brushing and Flossing
Brushing your teeth with braces can feel overwhelming as food can get stuck between brackets and wiring. If you're looking for tips and tricks to keep your smile healthy and clean during your orthodontic treatment, this video will help.

Using small circular motions at about a 45 degree angle, you can better remove the buildup around brackets with your toothbrush. By using a small brush, or a proxabrush, you can brush between the wiring and your teeth.

Don't forget to floss! Threading special floss through the wiring and then around your tooth will remove plaque build-up between your teeth.
Brushing With A Proxabrush
A proxabrush is a small toothbrush designed to clean in-between the wiring of your braces. It can conveniently stow away in your backpack, pencil bag, pocket, and more, so you don't have to worry about any friends saying, "Hey, you have a piece of cheese stuck in your teeth..." This video runs through how to use a proxabrush.

To keep your brush clean, rinse it after it's been used and keep it in a container to protect the bristles from harm and bacteria.
How to Floss With Superfloss
Just because you have wires on your teeth doesn't mean you get to miss out on flossing! Flossing is the only way to effectively clean between your teeth. Overtime, built-up plaque will cause cavities between your teeth, making it a difficult place to restore and fill. Flossing is also beneficial to the gums! Keeping your gums clean will prevent infection and gingivitis.

Flossing with braces can feel overwhelming at first, but you'll get the hang of it! Using special floss, you can easily thread the floss between your wiring and then floss as usual. Here's a video in case you're having a tough time with it.
Why is my back wire poking my mouth?
As your teeth begin to straighten and your bite corrects, the arch wire can stick out from the back bracket. If you can feel the back wire poke the back of your mouth, there's a good chance this has happened. To correct it, your orthodontist will need to trim the wire. Be sure to bring it up in your appointment! While you wait for the appointment, placing wax on your back bracket and wire can prevent the wire from poking into your mouth.
How do I put wax on my braces to prevent wires from poking me?
To decrease discomfort caused by wiring poking your mouth and brackets bothering your lips, apply a fair amount of wax to the bracket. If you already have a mild cut from the braces, keep wax on the bracket or wiring until it is healed.

Since wax can collect bacteria and plaque, just like your teeth, be sure to replace it at least once a day to reduce the risk of developing cavities.
Education & Resources

Invisalign™ 101

How often do you have to wear your Invisalign™ aligners?
Teeth only move when they're under constant pressure; thus, you'll need to wear your Invisalign retainers as required by treatment. The time you'll need to wear your retainer can vary throughout your treatment, so pay attention to what

Teeth only move when under constant pressure, so you'll need to get used to wearing your Invisalign often. Your treatment plan will specify how many hours each day you should be wearing your Invisalign. This time amount can fluctuate throughout treatment based on what movement is needed. Once your treatment is over, you'll need to wear retainers regularly to retain the progress made.
Can I eat with my Invisalign™ aligners in?
Chewing with your Invisalign retainers is not the best plan. Invisalign aligners are not strong enough to eat with, so they may break and not work as intended. You'll need to remove them before eating and then brush your teeth before putting them back in.
Can I drink various beverages with my Invisalign™ aligners in?
Throughout the day, you should be drinking water. It's perfectly fine to drink water with your Invisalign aligners in. Water is acceptable because it has no dyes or sugar content. Just like your teeth, drinking sugary drinks can cause plaque and bacteria to build on your aligners. If you desire to sip on a sugary drink throughout the day, use a straw.
How do I clean my Invisalign™ aligners?
Brush out and rinse your Invisalign aligners every day. It's important not to scrub them with the toothbrush you use for brushing your teeth and to not use toothpaste. Toothpaste has small abrasive particles that scrub plaque off of your teeth, but the particles will erode away your Invisalign aligners. If you want to use more than just water and a light amount of soap to clean out your aligners, some companies produce small tablets that have light cleaning agents to help clean your retainers.
What are Invisalign™ aligners made out of?
Invisalign aligners are created from a medical grade thermoplastic. They'll fit snug over your teeth and not expand due to wear overtime. While they're tough, they shouldn't be worn while you chew. Foods and your tooth enamel are still tougher.
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